High Impact Instruction: A Framework for Great Teaching

High Impact Instruction: A Framework for Great Teaching

Presented By: Jim Knight

Learn high-impact, research-based instructional strategies for instruction, content planning, formative assessment and community building.

Event At A Glance:

Features an overview of the framework for teaching that underlies High Impact Instruction, with emphasis on the Big Four

  • Content Planning
  • Engaging Instruction
  • Formative Assessment
  • Community Building

Presents ways that instructional leaders can provide the intensive support necessary for quality implementation of the Big Four teaching practices.

Includes resources that support the use of the Big Four, including observation forms, coaching checklists, and online video clips.

Who is Jim Knight?

Dr. Jim Knight, has spent more than a decade studying instructional coaching, and has written extensively on the topic. Jim directs several research projects and presents nationally and internationally on High Impact Instruction and Instructional Coaching. He is Prresident of the Instructional Coaching Group, and research associate at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning.

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