UDL In The Inclusive Classroom – Workshop Recap

Through Comprehensive School Solutions (CSS), University of Central Florida professors Lisa Dieker and Rebecca Hines delivered keynote presentation, “Universal Design for Learning in the Inclusive Classroom,” at the 2016 annual conference for the Florida Council for Exceptional Children. The theme for the conference was “Inclusion, Involvement, and Innovation.”


Addressing a packed ballroom, Dieker and Hines explored ways teachers can take what they are currently doing in the classroom and add layers onto it to empower students to be at the center of what they’re doing. The speakers showed the teachers in the audience how certain tools will not just improve their ability to reach all students, but will actually make their job as teachers easier, not harder. All participants gained access to a digital toolkit and a more practical toolkit to take back to their classroom and put into action right away to enrich learning for all students.



Among the resources Dr. Dieker shared with participant teachers is an extensive list of apps and technology tools and strategies for supporting inclusive classrooms. View Lisa Dieker’s curated online resource list.


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